Can you imagine a world without technology?

Can you imagine a world without technology?

Let’s talk about how boring, weird, hard, (add all the words) the world would be without technology. Okay, let’s say for instance there were no gadgets like TVs, Phones, Laptops, and computers. Just take a moment and think about what the world would have been without gadgets and technology.

Without television, we probably would not be able to watch and enjoy all our favorite shows, movies, news, music videos, and many other comfortables at home as we do. How quiet and boring our homes would be without them right? But wait we could also watch all the above or get access to them on our ipads or tablets, phones, or computers. Trough Youtube and probably google and other sites Did you just ask about the screen size? Well, we could use projectors to project from our devices. So. can we say that based on that we can do away with TVs?

Let’s see if we can do without this other gadget. How about if we did not have mobile phones? Of course, we could live without them. But what could have replaced mobile phones? Maybe telephones. Everyone could still make calls with telephones and even with software like Skype on their laptops and computers. But would the replacement have been as clear and handy as the mobile phones? Maybe not but I bet we would have adjusted.

And come to think of it, some of these devices and software that we think would replace the gadgets we mentioned might not have been invented if not for these gadgets. So, then we would not have been with any of them at all. In a nutshell, the world would not have been the same if technology and all these devices were not invented. Now you can imagine the good things technology has brought to the world and how fast people can communicate instantly with someone from the other side of the world. Amazing

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