How to Keep Your Customers Engaged on Social Media

How to Keep Your Customers Engaged on Social Media

The spell of social media has its magic on everybody. From youngsters to elders, everyone is giving their time to the social media. Five to seven years back from now, people were literally unaware of social media. Even if they were aware, they did not give much of their time to it. But today, people free their times to spend some time on different social media platforms. According to one recent research, a person is now said to spend five years of his/her valuable life on the social media. That means they are going to give more time to social media than to their own personal and professional life. It’s finally the time when we need to put an eye over the impact social media has upon us. It affects our lives. Today, instead of having face to face conversations, people now prefer social media for conversing with one another. Undoubtedly, social media has made our life easier. It just makes everything a click away.

Team Manifest & their study

Recently, The Manifest and their team held different researches and conducted surveys on this issue. Their subject of research was basically 627 different users of social media. Their research was about the type of channel that is most preferred by the people. How much of their time is spent on social media and with what frequency they come online.

Firstly, their study revealed that literally everyone uses social media. If we talk about percentage, it makes eighty six percent. Additionally according to their research, there were 72% people who opened their social media profiles and became social media followers multiple times a day just to keep a check on social media. Social media is indeed a platform that provides multiple benefits to its users. They can communicate online, they don’t need to get out of their houses to buy stuff, they can order stuff online, and it also helps to have a check on the news and the current affairs of the state. Hence, it is essential and has become a necessity for everyone to use social media.

If we talk about the top social media applications in terms of its usage by the people, the top of the list comes Facebook with 82% audience who enjoy their feed or they might be using it for business purposes. Then comes YouTube with 75% audience, where people come to view movies, dramas, to learn lessons, to have a cooking class, to watch DIYS etc. YouTube has literally everything uploaded on it. And the list goes on to Instagram followers, Pinterest, Snapchat and Twitter.

The Manifest’s study also revealed that the people who use social media using web browsers are most likely to be at work. And they access social media while they’re at their workplace just to take a little break from their routine. The study also revealed that females are more addicted to social media as compared to men. Both males and females use social media, but females use it multiple times a day.


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