Popular tech brand in the 1990s

Popular tech brand in the 1990s

Apple iPhones, Google, Ipads and social media aside, let’s talk about some old brands that were popular in the 1990s and the early 2000s. Many of you late 1990s and early 2000s born are probably thinking of finding another article other than this to read.

Well, I would advise you to read a few more words before you go, trust me it will help improve your knowledge and appreciation in technology and the days before it. The years before technology became a thing were fun and awesome in their own way. For instance, children played more with other children and engaged in more interactive activities than they do today.

The first mobile phone I had was a Sagem. I remember the silver-plated phone with a small green screen with writings that looked like they were done with ink. The keypad covered like more than half of the front of the phone. It had a huge removable battery behind it.

I think it had a calculator, calendar, games but I don’t remember it having a camera. All I did with it was to make, receive calls, text messaged with it.  Other phones that were popular at the time were Siemens, Motorolla, and Nokia. If you had any of those phones, then you probably were from a middle -class family or an upper-class family.

Before those ones came, there were the telephones, which only big companies used, and a few high-class families had then people started operating communication centers where people went to make their phone calls and paid according to the time they spent. Then there were telephone booths. Where we could buy payphone cards and go to the nearest phone booth to make phone calls. The phone booth was a savior for boarding school students at the time. Hope you learned something.

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